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Offering all Sage fixed asset management solutions: Sage Fixed Assets: Depreciation, Tracking and CIP Planning  - help you manage your assets cradle to grave!


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Paragon Valuation

Our worldwide professional valuation and appraisal consulting firm has valued, inventoried and studied over $300 billion in fixed assets across all industries and sizes of companies.


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Paragon Systems

25 years and 50 million fixed assets later, we are still providing excellent physical fixed asset inventories and other value-added fixed asset management consulting services.


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Tax Engineered Cost Segregation Services


Engage us for Cost Segregation Services and receive a FREE Insurance Appraisal!


As Facility/Real Estate Managers and Corporate Tax Executives continue searching for new and innovative ways to contribute to the bottom line of their

companies, they should consider the

power of implementing Tax

Engineering™ practices in the acquisition, construction, expansion, divestiture, and leasing of properties. Tax Engineering™ embodies pro-active planning for property transactions before closing to reduce five associated taxes, and it substantially increases cash flow while reducing closing costs. These practices have positive benefits for property owners and lease tenants as well.


Early project choices are critical to the ultimate transaction cost and ongoing operating costs. Who would believe that you could recover 71 to 78% of a project’s personal property cost in the first 3 to 5 years of operation? The amount of personal property can be increased substantially by simple, typically no-cost, design choices. Enhancing the ultimate cash flow of a transaction and reducing after-tax property costs can justify the required ROI, ROA, and bonuses or promotions for visionary Facility/Real Estate Managers and Tax Executives.


A proper tax engineered cost segregation study will capture maximum tax benefits on recent or about to be completed projects. Our Paragon GoldStrike Service recovers lost benefits for projects within the last 10 years under a recent IRS approved procedure.



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